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Ear Candling Treatment Towel

$19.99 $14.99

HollowCare Therapeutic Ear Candling Towel is made from high-quality organic Cotton Material.  Our Product is recommended by Professionals for a better experience during Spa sessions

- 100% Soft High-Quality Cotton
- Ear Candling treatment towel is used to drape the neck, and hair during ear candling sessions for comfort, safety, and hygiene.
- Oval Shaped hole for placing over the ear during Ear candling size approximately  up to 0.5 Inch
- The perforated hole in the middle of the cloth makes it possible that every kind of Ear candle can fit directly through the cloth. The material used in the cloth provides comfortable skin contact during the Ear Candling Session.
- Hollow Car Treatment towel is made from 100% Organic Cotton, its Machine Washable, and can be Reused.
- Out Product used as treatment towel is flame "retardant", not fire-resistant.

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