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Ear Candles

Find a whole new way to take care of your health with an ear candling kit from Hollow Care Therapeutics. We offer a wide variety of ear candles made from organic materials and bundle options to give you everything you need for your ear candling treatment.

Ear candling involves lightly placing our organic ear candle into your ear, lighting the other end of the candle, and allowing the heat of the candle to clear your ear canal of any debris or buildup of wax. Not only do our ear candles clean your ear, but the process of cleaning can be a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

How Our Ear Candles Differ

At Hollow Care Therapeutics, we only use the highest quality of materials for our ear candles. This alternative form of medicine can be a wonderful tool to help improve your overall health and well-being. Our ear candles, when properly used, can fit safely and securely in your ear to provide relief to your ear canal and pressure you may feel in your head.

Our ear candles are safe, easy to use, handmade, and are always offered at an affordable price. We also offer free shipping on any order over $25.

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