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4 Signs You Need Ear Candle Treatments

4 Signs You Need Ear Candle Treatments

One way to clean your ears is with an ear candle treatment process. Ear candling uses all-natural beeswax to create pressure and build wax and debris directly from the ear. The all-natural process has been done for numerous years and is an all-natural way to clean out ear canals.

While many people will use ear candles as part of a regular health and wellness routine, you may notice specific times where you need to use the candles more. Check out some of the reasons to go through an ear candle treatment and how the process can help you in everyday life.

1. Darker Wax

Most ear wax is typically lighter in color, but if you've swabbed your ears or pulled out ear buds and noticed a darker wax, then you could have more buildup in the ear. The darker wax could indicate the wax has built up in the ears and been sitting there for a while. The longer the wax remains in the ears, the darker it becomes.

When you attempt to clean out your ears with a cotton swab, the swab can actually push the wax back and create extra buildup and darker colors. The same can happen with ear buds when you don't even realize it. Instead of pushing wax deeper in, an ear candle treatment will pull the wax out and keep the ear canal clean.

2. Itchy Ears

If wax remains in your ears for a while, it could dry out, harden, and crust over on the inside of your ears. The results could create itchy ears. If you feel an itch inside of your ear canal, the cause is typically wax or dry skin. Even if dry skin conditions cause issues, an ear candle treatment will help. The pressure from the beeswax can help pull out dry flakes of skin.

After a treatment, you may notice the itchy sensation go away. Another way to reduce itchy ears is to supplement the ear candle treatment with ear oils. Ear oils include all-natural ingredients that help treat dry skin. Use the treatment in conjunction with ear candles.

3. Chronic Cough

If you have a lingering cough with no other symptoms or sickness, the root cause of the cough could actually be associated with the ear. Multiple studies have found that a specific nerve that connects to the ear can cause a chronic cough when something presses against that nerve.

The condition can worsen if ear wax dries, hardens, and presses up against the nerve. An ear candle treatment can help loosen wax against the nerve and reduce a cough that your ears cause. Before you go through the process, determine if your cough is from any other means, including an illness or infection.

From there, go through the process and see if your cough changes or disappears after an ear candle treatment. A set of ear candles will treat both ears to ensure nothing presses on the nerve on either side.

4. Blocked Hearing

If sounds have become muffled and you suddenly cannot hear clearly, then you may have blocked hearing. Blocked hearing is often a temporary condition from too much wax buildup. In many cases, the wax gets pushed down near the eardrum and sounds cannot properly enter the ear. 

An ear candle process can create pressure that helps pull up wax, loosen hardened wax, and clear out the area so you feel better. For ears with a lot of buildup, you may consider doing a longer session or ear candles on consecutive days.

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