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4 Reasons Beeswax Is Used For Ear Candles

4 Reasons Beeswax Is Used For Ear Candles

The ear candling process is not just done with any candle that is placed inside the ear canal. One of the key elements of an ear candle is the wax used in the process. When you shop on legitimate ear candling websites, look for ear wax made with all-natural beeswax. Beeswax comes straight from honeycombs and is created when bees mix pollen oils with the combs.

The beeswax isn't just chosen for ear candles because of the all-natural qualities. There are many benefits to beeswax candles when compared to other common options like soy or paraffin. Learn about the benefits and why you should only shop for beeswax ear candles.

1. Burns Clean

When you position a candle in your ear to clean out wax and debris, the last thing you want to worry about is a ring of black soot on your face when you're done. You also do not want to breathe in a lot of dark smoke. Beeswax burns cleanly, meaning you do not need to worry about excess soot or smoke.

A protective towel will help any melting wax, but soot does not occur, especially because the ear candles do not contain a wick. Just the wax itself is lit when inserted into the ear. This makes the candle much safer to use at close range and provides you with worry-free ear candling.

2. Slower Burn Times

Not only does beeswax burn clean, but the beeswax takes a longer time to burn. You do not need to worry about the ear candle melting down too close to your ear. The slower burn time allows the pressure to build within the candle and remove a majority of the wax. You can relax and enjoy a longer ear candling session without the need to swap out candles.

Pulling out an old candle and lighting a new one can be a pain, especially if someone else has to help you set up the whole process.

3. No Aromas

Beeswax ear candles are purely used for the process of cleaning out your ears. You do not need to worry about choosing a proper scent or having strong scents right near your nose. The candles do not produce any aromas and naturally burn without strong smells.

Some people may be sensitive to certain scents in candles and they can be way too strong when they burn so closely. You can breathe and relax with a beeswax ear candle. The scent-free wax is designed to help the process and eliminate any distractions. You do not have to worry about allergies or lingering smells.

4. Air Purifier

A beeswax candle provides benefits for your ear, but burning the candle will clean the air around you. When a beeswax candle burns, the ions released into the air can neutralize pollutants and provide a better breathing environment.

Many ear candle kits are done in your own home and provide you with clean air opportunities. Choose a room where you want the clean-air benefits and double up on the cleaning properties. You will know that the longer you keep the candle in your ear, the more the air will clean as well.

Most sessions include both ears, so you will typically burn two candles and double up on the amount that you purify the air. If multiple people go through an ear candle process at the same time, then you will extend the benefits even further.

Shop for all of your ear candle needs with us at Hollow Care Therapeutics. All of our candle kits are made with all-natural beeswax, and the ingredients are clearly labeled on each box. Enjoy the benefits of proper ear health with all of the combined benefits that come with beeswax.