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8 Tips for First-Time Ear Candle Users

8 Tips for First-Time Ear Candle Users

If you are new to the world of ear candling, then you may be unsure how to have the most effective experience with the ear candle process. Ear candles use heat and pressure to perform a deep clean of your ear canal and will release a lot of the build-up inside of the ears.

Before you get started, check out a collection of tips to help you through the process and ensure everything goes smoothly.

1. Turn Off Distractions

Once an ear candle is lit, you need the heat and pressure to last for an extended amount of time in your ear. If you pause the process or end the process early, then it will not be as effective and you will end up wasting a whole candle. Eliminate as many distractions as possible. This includes cell phone notifications.

Find a quiet place and treat the ear candling process like a trip to the spa. Find the best time of day when distractions are at a minimum.

2. Set a Timer

The key to a successful ear candling is ensuring you go through the process long enough. Unfortunately, our concept of time can change completely if you have to lay still for an extended period. Know exactly when to stop the ear candle process by setting a timer. You could use a traditional kitchen timer or set a timer on your phone.

If you need to, use smart speaker devices to set timers and have the ability to ask how much time is left when needed.

3. Use a Comfortable Pillow

The ear candle process requires you to lay flat on your side so your ear faces upward. If you lay on a hard surface, you will put a lot of pressure on your head. Make sure you have a comfortable pillow to rest your head on. You may also place a pillow between your feet or legs for added comfort as you stretch your legs.

Test out the position beforehand to know what makes you the most comfortable.

4. Use Ear Candle Towels

When an ear candle melts, drops of wax will drip downwards. Keep your face and hair protected with an ear candle towel. An ear candle towel features a hole on the side to easily slide the candle into. The towel makes clean-up easy and will also help stabilize the candle as it sits straight up in the air.

5. Use Ear Oils

Before the ear candling process, consider the use of ear oils in each ear. The drops of oil will help loosen any wax or build-up in the ear and can make the ear candling process more effective. The drops are also used for treatment with dry and itchy ears or people who suffer from swimmer's ear.

6. Rely on a Friend

As you go through the ear candling process, ask for help from a friend. A friend can help you set up the candle and hold it when needed. If you buy a package of ear candles, then you can each take a turn through the process. Talking with a friend through the whole treatment will help the time pass quickly as well.

7. Play Music or Podcasts

If you're going through the process alone, then consider playing music or podcasts. The distraction will help you focus and get through the session. For example, you can choose a podcast that covers the whole length of the ear candling.

8. Examine Your Results

Even if you don't like the sight of ear wax, examining your results is the best way to see the effectiveness of ear candling. Look inside the hollow section of the ear candle to see how much was collected from your ears and compare each ear. The process will leave you feeling happy and healthy.

For more information on our ear candle products and supplies, visit our online store at Hollow Care Therapeutics. Along with the tips, our ear candles come with complete instructions to help understand the process.