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Ear Candles

Ear Wax Candles and Cones Know Real Truth Behind them!

Ear Wax Candles and Cones Know Real Truth Behind them!

Ear Wax Candles are generally a historical practice that the professionals use to give relief to the patients. It’s a cone-shaped candle, which is placed in the ear. It’s also used as an alternative medicine for more than a thousand years.

The thing that gives relief from these candles is the ear wax, which comes up after a specific heat. The majority of the patients consider ear wax candles for ear cleaning, improving hearing, and removing the wax. Apart from that, it also holds a lot of other health benefits in the current time.

However, there are some misconceptions about the use of ear candling candles. Therefore, we are here to focus on this misconception and clear your mind about the effect of Ear wax candles.

Ear Wax Candles and Cones, How do They Help? 

Ear candles are generally hollow candles, which are made up of wax-covered fabric. It contains two pointing ends; one is placed into the ear while the other is used for heating. Just like a regular candle, you tend to use it in your home.

The candles are produced in a way that helps you to remove ear wax, improved colds, sinus infections, and hearing problems. All of this is done with a warm suction of the candle.

If we talk about whether they help or not, there is a long debate about who does/doesn’t support this medication method. However, the ultimate source of its beneficial property is assumed with the historical value of the medication.

It’s been practiced by professionals for more than thousands of years. From the time when there was no scientific medicine available. Therefore, it’s cleared that this method of treating the ear does work. However, current science doesn’t have much belief.

Hollow Ear Wax Candles

The only way it may not work for you is depending upon the inappropriate use of ear wax candles for ear cleaning. You must need to use it in the right way to get the excellent benefits of it. Without any professional advice, it may become a horrible experience for you to use it.

Why? Because you might end up burning your neck or face with its heated wax. So, it’s essential to use it in the right way.

How to use those Ear Wax Candles and Cones?

Massage therapists, herbalists, and beauty salon specialists are the right persons who can perform this method of treatment. As a noob, you should never try this method on your own. Even if you are well-known for the use of an ear wax candle. Why? Because it may only increase the chances of risk for you. So, you better stay alert and take the right precautions to perform it.

Apart from that, ear candling candles are generally inserted with a paper plate or foil's help. To catch the hot wax, the plate is supposed to be used. For better protection, the help of a towel on your neck and head also take place.

After taking all the precautions, you have to lie on your side, just like you sleep, where one ear has to face up while the other tends to hide in the pillow. In this position, the pointed end of the candle will be put into your ear. However, just like the regular candles, the open end tends to enlighten with the help of a lighter.

When you enlighten the open end, it will burn and then trim. It’s essential not to drip any ear wax on your skin area; otherwise, the skin will burn. The procedure will take a maximum of 15 minutes.

After the recommended burning time, it will then be carefully blown out. After completing the procedure, the candle will then cut to open the inside materials display.

Although the entire procedure looks more effortless, it holds a lot of technique. It may look like a dumb procedure, but it does contain some timings and the right way to practice. Therefore, it’s a better option to consider this therapy from a professional.

Ear Wax Candles

The best part about Hollow Ear Wax Candles is that it’s made up of natural ingredients. So, the entire medication procedure will not contain any kind of chemical component. Therefore, you may never feel any side effect of it.

You can also take your children or pet along with you for this treatment. Because it will never harm or have any type of side effects.

Do they Work?

As we said earlier, this method of treating the ear or any other disease is not supported by the current science. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to believe in such misconceptions or assumptions blindly.

Every medical treatment is sufficient; however, the mode of treatment varies from each other. That’s why every single health specialist thinks that their treatment method is only legit compared to others.

If we talk about ear wax candles, it’s been used for more than thousands of years. Therefore, there are thousands of people who get a cure from this method. If, at any point, it doesn’t work, people might end up starting to use this method.

People are well-aware of the treatment. Anything that doesn’t give a positive result; would never be considered by the patients. So, we should clear our minds and use some common sense that this type of treatment also exists for a long time when scientific medicine was not available or known to people.

Apart from that, it’s also an effective method of treatment due to its oral practice. You never have to consume anything in this process to get a cure.

In other words, scientific medical treatments tend to have various forms of medicines that a person has to take. There’s no guarantee how the medicine will react after it enters the body. In this way, everyone can assume that scientific medicines are a dangerous way of treatment. However, being a professional, we have to know that it is also done wonders for thousands of patients.

Ear Candling Candles

What are other ways Ear Candles Help?

Ear candling candles are not limited to a specific treatment. Therefore, it also contains other health beneficial aspects that most people are not fully aware of. Aromatherapy ear candles are a well-known method of treatment in the current times.

These candles contain different essential oils. These essential oils tend to provide a sense of relief and a relaxing environment for every patient. There are thousands of people around the world who tend to have stress and anxiety issues.

The best thing about aromatherapy candles is that it helps every patient to ease their mind and have a relaxing environment. The essential oils and other ingredients used in this candle make it easier for the person to have the right ease and a comfortable environment.

The natural aroma and the other positive aspects of these candles help every single person to get all those aspects in a room. It can help them to get the possible mental relief in their life.

A considerable amount of people also lose their focus and control in life due to stress. In such cases, the use of aromatherapy candles helps them to have better focus and stability in their life. Every candle comes in different flavors. Therefore, every flavor tends to make things better for the patients.

Also, the flavors' options in the aromatherapy candles help you choose the one that you love a lot. Let's say you feel relief with a lemon or strawberry flavor; you can get the aromatherapy candles of this flavor to make your mood better.

A person tends to feel better in a natural environment. That’s the common feature applied to aromatherapy ear candles where everything is produced with natural ingredients. You will never get any chemical component, which is the top reason you should go for this treatment.

It provides significant stress relief properties such as lifts your mood, controls anxiety, reduces stress, makes you feel fresh, improves mood, and instantly relaxes your body and mind. In general, it’s a full-stack stress relief treatment package for you.

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Treat Your Earwax Problems With Ear Candling

Treat Your Earwax Problems With Ear Candling

The cerumen or more commonly known as the earwax is a waxy oil that is secreted by glands in the skin of the ear canal. The earwax plays many important roles in keeping the ear canals and eardrum protected from any harm. The primary constituents of ear wax are keratin (60%), fatty acids, both saturated and unsaturated and alcohols (12-20%), and cholesterol (6-9%). 

The ear wax has a slightly acidic pH, and it plays a role as a lubricant in the ear canals. The primary functions of ear wax are lubricating, cleaning, and protecting the ear canal and eardrum. 

In this way, it obstructs any water, dust, particles, and micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi and keeps the ear canal safe from any harmful foreign materials. It has antibacterial properties, which in turn, keep the ears from developing an infection. 

The above benefits are only observed when earwax is produced in a normal quantity. If more or less than normal quantities of ear wax are produced, different ear problems can come into being. You can also treat it with Ear Candles.

How can Earwax cause problems?

Normally, the earwax secreted into ear canals is washed away from the ear opening to give space to the fresh ear wax. If it is produced in a smaller quantity than usual, the ear canal will get dry, unprotected, and infected. An excessive secretion and build-up of earwax will cause an earache, hearing loss, itching, ringing in the ear, and might also cause vertigo. 

Earwax build-up can be caused by:

  • Excessive secretion in people who are prone to produce more ear wax than normal.
  • Putting cotton swabs for cleaning, which, if not done right, can push the wax deeper into the ear canal.
  • People who use headphones more often are also prone to have an earwax build-up.

This was an overview of how earwax can benefit and harm the ear canals and eardrum. Read on to explore how you can protect your ears from harmful substances, whether external or internal.

How to protect your ears?

Ears are as important as any other part of your body. Keeping the ears protected and safe at all times will ensure your general well-being. If rigorous pressure is caused to ears due to any factor, it can result in many problems ranging from infections, vertigo, and even hearing loss. These problems can be caused due to external factors such as being around loud noises often, wetness in the ears, putting objects into ears, and injury or accident affecting the ears directly. The internal factors causing the problems listed above include excessive secretion of earwax, earwax build-up, and others.

Beeswax Ear Candles


Here is how you can protect your ears from external and internal factors before any harm is done to them.

  • Protect Your Ears From Loud Noises

Many people who are the victims of hearing loss develop this by not providing the care that their ears need. Human ears are very sensitive to loud noises. People who are often around loud noises must take precautionary measures to avoid any damage that can happen to the ears. 

If you work around loud noises, enjoy going to concerts, or perform any other activity that involves loud noises, it is vital to take the necessary steps to protect your ears. Custom-made earplugs are available that can be used to cancel the loud noises while keeping the integrity of normal conversations intact.

  • Keep the volume down.

Teenagers have smartphones for regular use, and they are the most exposed to the problems related to ears because they use earbuds and headphones that fit directly over the eardrum. It is advised to keep the volume as low as possible so that the noises don’t affect the eardrums. Instead of earbuds, the use of headphones that are placed over the ears is preferred by the experts.

  • Stop Inserting Objects Into Ears.

Most of the time, people try to clean out the wax from their ears by inserting different objects such as cotton swabs into their ears, which is not advisable as it can push the wax further near the eardrum. The wax in proximity with the eardrum can affect the hearing, and if it becomes hard, it can block the opening through which wax is washed out.

As the wax is disposed-off after a few days, there is no need to clean it out yourselves. If you still want to clean, use other non-intrusive and relatively safe methods such as Beeswax Ear Candles or Ear Candling Treatment. 

  • Don't Leave the Ears Wet.

As any water left in the ears might be used as a medium for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow and make cultures, leaving your ears wet is risky. After taking showers or going for a swim, it is better to dry all the water left in the ear canals. If infected by bacteria, the infection can cause many problems such as unbearable pain, swelling, and hearing loss.

  • Give Your Ears a Break.

As everything in life needs some recovery time to regain its strengths, so do the ears. After a long and loud overnight, the ears need hours of recovery to work again with their maximum potential. It is advised to provide your ears the time they need to recover and spend a few minutes in a silent environment.

  • Get Your Ears Checked Regularly.

Make an appointment with your doctor regularly and get your ear canals, cavity, and eardrums checked. This will help you know your ears better, and if any problem is detected, you will be able to remedy it timely.

How to Protect Your Ear


How Ear candling can be beneficial?

Ear candling treatment to clear out the wax and other foreign substances that may affect your ears adversely has been in practice for centuries now. Bacteria, dust, debris, and other harmful substances are sucked out of the ears by Ear Candles in Ear Candling treatment. 

In addition to Beeswax Ear Candles, other remedies such as Ear Candling Towels are also used to keep the ears dry and free from such harmful substances.

The Ear candling treatment is meant to be carried out by a professional. If you are going at it solo, you might injure yourself or get your ears burned as the Ear Candling Treatment involves the use of fire.


The procedure for carrying out Ear Candling is very easy and fruitful if done right and performed by an expert. The candles, which are almost 10 inches long, are dipped in Paraffin or beeswax, hence the name Beeswax Ear Candles. As far as the procedure goes, Hollow candles can also be used during this treatment. After soaking, the thin part of the candles is inserted into the ear while the subject lies with his ear up. The other part of the candles is lit on fire, which helps the wax get soft and produces a vacuum which sucks the wax, bacteria, and debris. In this way, all the foreign substances from the ears are cleaned out.

Benefits of Ear Candling

The benefits of Ear Candling treatment are as follows.

  • Wax, dust, and bacteria-free ear canals
  • Improved hearing and general health
  • Improved circulation of blood into ears
  • Remedying sinus infections
  • Relieving stress
  • Relieved headaches and migraines

The benefits listed here are just a gist of what Ear Candling Treatment can do, and there are a lot of other benefits, including improved vision, satisfaction, and relaxation.

How can HollowCare organic Beeswax Candles help in aiding?

Until now, we have seen that earwax is a very useful substance that blocks many different threats from the external environment and keeps the ears safe. While that may be the case, extensive amounts of earwax produced might also cause damage to your ears and hearing as the excess of everything is harmful.

Ear Candling Treatment can help remove the earwax that has hardened in the ear cavity.

Now, in the following context, we will take a look at the places you can buy wax candles with a lot of other perks.

Beeswax Ear Candles

Enter HollowCare

HollowCare is one of the best and well-renowned manufacturers of different products concernihe treatment of ears. Different remedial oils, Hollow Candles for Ear Candling, and Beeswax Ear Candles are manufactured here. At HollowCare, we make sure that the ingredients used in manufacturing are all-natural and organic so that no harmful effects are observed while using these products.

HollowCare organic Beeswax Candles

In addition to different natural oils for ear infections and other problems, Beeswax candles are also manufactured here at HollowCare. Paraffin candles and candles manufactured using a mixture of both Beeswax and Paraffin are also produced to give different people what they desire.

If we talk about the Beeswax Candles manufactured here at HollowCare, as the name indicates, they are made up of all-natural and organic constituents. The Beeswax is used in the hollow candles to give them a pleasant odor and color. The Beeswax candles by HollowCare are of top-shelf quality, and they show better results than any other in the market.

When lit on fire, no smoke comes from the burning candles as we see ahead of the time to ensure the safety and ease of our customers. The results that you will get from using HollowCare organic Beeswax candles cannot be superseded. 

Buy organic Beeswax Candles from HollowCare

If you weren’t aware of it until now, it is to inform you that at HollowCare, we have all the remedies and products ready to be delivered at your doorstep. At the platform provided by HollowCare, you can explore all the different products in a blink of an eye. HollowCare is trying its best to bring the market to you so that you don’t have to go through any difficulty.

Here is why you should buy Beeswax candles and other products from HollowCare.

  • Beeswax candles manufactured here at HollowCare meet the requirements of standard manufacturing procedures.
  • They are well in keeping with the highest standards of the market and are 100% natural and safe.
  • In addition to that, we have different offers and perks that are lined for our customers to get benefit from.
  • When you buy products from our e-platform, we will make sure that you get our complimentary Candling Towels to ensure that you are at ease when you are getting this procedure done.
  • Our ultimate goal is to gain our customers' trust by bringing them the results they are looking for.

So, the next time you want to remove the earwax from your ears or are the victim of an ear infection, be sure to contact HollowCare to let them help you remedy your problems.

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