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Ear Candles

Shedding Light on the Ear Wax Candling Process

Shedding Light on the Ear Wax Candling Process

Ear candling, also known as coning, is the exercise of positioning a lit candle into the ear. It is a type of medical practice that has been in use for many years. The candle works by placing its pointed end in your ear while someone lights the other end for you. People believe that the warm clout removes earwax by pulling it up, therefore improves your hearing, and treats colds, sore throat, headache, flu, swimmer's ear, and sinuses. But how valid are these claims? Well, we shall find out in the details below.

Before you engage in ear wax candles for ear cleaning, note that there is no scientific proof of the claimed benefits of this kind of ear candling treatment. Doctors also don't advocate the practise since they consider it savage and futile. It can cause you more harm than good to your ears.

What is an Ear Candle?

An ear candle is a void, funnel-shaped cotton slice that is soaked in beeswax and paraffin. The hollow ear candle measures ten inches long and contains ingredients such as rosemary, vital oils, honey, and sage chamomile.

Ear Candling


Why You Should Consider Ear Candling

Earwax build-up and blockage can be irritating, and some home remedies might not work for you. In this case, you should consider doing earwax candling, which is a solution for ear wax build-up. The suction made by the candle draws wax out of your ear and leaves it clear and clean. You can open the candle after use and reveal the granular debris from your ears to prove this fact. Ear Candling is cheap and affordable since you only require a candle and a practitioner to conduct the procedure. It is a safe process since the practitioner places a plate over your ear to prevent them from getting wax burnt.

Using Hollow Candles can be beneficial for you.

The question of whether ear wax candling is safe and beneficial for you has been debated for a long time. As earlier mentioned, doctors barely approve of the method. However, a few said benefits come with it, although most of them seem to be mythical.

Ear candling is a natural process that keeps your ears clean without any risk by using ear wax removal candle. The process gives you a feeling of well-being and comfort. When the candle is lit, the wax smoothly injects smoke and heat into your ears, then penetrates your throat, nasal cavity, and sinuses. The smoke conveys the herbal substances into the structures by osmosis, with a temperature that DEclutters microorganisms and particles that have blocked your ears for decades.

The heat of the candle soothes your ears and gives you a relaxed feeling during and after treatment. Even better, it can be beneficial to you if you are suffering from

  • Poor hearing caused by excessive wax in your ears
  • Hearing loss
  • Hay fever and Rhinitis allergy
  • Respiratory allergies such as asthma
  • Flu and acute processes
  • Meniere's disease
  • Cases of earache such as Otalgia
  • Sinus related migraines and headache
  • Ear pressure as a result of swimming, flying, or diving
  • Acute Influenza
  • Soap or water drops in the ear after a shower
  • Respiratory diseases with a lot of mucus and phlegm
  • Generally, earwax candling is perfect for People of all ages, including children and older people.
  • People who use hearing aids and corrective hearing gadgets
  • Flight attendants, swimmers, divers, and pilot
  • People who work in dusty surroundings with the likes of Farmworkers, construction workers, and ranch workers.
  • People who like cleaning their ears periodically.
  • Active and passive smokers experiencing ear blockage
  • People were suffering from sinuses and other respiratory allergies.

Ear Candling Candles

Do these Ear Wax Candles remove ear wax without any ear harm?

Whether an hollow ear candles session is safe or unsafe depends on the practitioner. Usually, the process is conducted in a very careful manner so that you get out of it safe and sound. In an ear candling session, the practitioner asks you to lie down on one side with the ear to be waxed facing up. The pointed end of the candle is inserted into a hole in a foil plate to catch dripping wax, and then it is carefully inserted into your external ear canal.

The candle is then lit at the opposite side, and the practitioner holds it carefully as he cuts away the burnt wax as the candle burns. The treatment lasts for a few minutes, and the practitioner stops the process when the candle stubs a few inches from the head. When the treatment is over, the practitioner extinguishes the fire and removes the candle away from your ear. He then wipes your outer ear with a pad or cotton wool.

With this careful process, it is with no doubt that ear wax candles for ear cleaning without any ear harm.

However, there are some instances where various users have suffered serious consequences due to Candling for ears. Some have experienced ear drum damages due to the practitioner's carelessness. In one case, a practitioner poured wax into a client's ear while removing the candle, and this resulted in damage to her eardrum.

According to research, ear cuddling tends to push the wax deeper into the ear canal and can also cause: 

  • Face, hair, eardrum, ear canal, middle ear, and scalp burn if not conducted carefully
  • Deposit of wax in the ear canal.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before undergoing earwax candling to find out if there are other alternatives to your ear treatment.

Ear Wax Candling Process


How do these ear wax candles work?

Ear wax candles work by pulling wax and debris out of your ears. As the candle burns, it produces a lower sanction that pushes the dirt upwards. Some people believe that the candle's heat melts and softens the wax from the ears, which later ejects after a few days.

However, some people see the entire ear candling process is a myth, and they do not believe that it can aid in healing as well as cure other conditions such as sinuses. They think that the entire idea of joining pathways in your head is a tale. The ear system has concrete barricades such as the eardrum with are a bit deep to be reached by candle wax.

But how does ear wax come out from the ear passage by itself when all along it is usually sticky when pressed? Wouldn't it require sturdy sanction? Well, according to research, there the candle does not provide strong suction to force the ear wax out. Sometimes, even the candle lit temperatures are usually too low to melt the wax from the ear.

There is a lot of misleading information out there about ear candling, and you are tricked into thinking that lumps of compressed wax are removed after the treatment. However, this is usually not the case, and you will never find your earwax at the end of the candle once it is removed. What happens is that the candle heat warmth softens the hardened ear wax, which you can remove after a few days with a piece of cotton or the tip of your small finger. The use of cotton buds is discouraged as you can easily poke your eardrum with them since they are too slim. There are several benefits of ear candling process that gives you relief from various pain and ear infections. 

How HollowCare Can Help You?

HollowCare can help you dictate if you have earwax blockage. They do so by looking into your ears using Otoscope, a unique tool that reflects and magnifies your inner ear. In case you have a blockage, our professional doctors remove excess wax using an instrument called Curet or apply a sanction to your ears, which forces the wax to come to the edges of your ears. Other methods that our doctors use are flushing out the wax using a rubber-bulb syringe with warm water or using a water pick. HollowCare also provides the earwax candle kit that will help you to get the best of ear wax candling treatment

HollowCare does not perform ear wax candling as they do not use any methods that are not scientifically proven and can harm a client.

HollowCare doctors also recommend you to use some home remedies in cases where your eardrum has a hole or don't have a tube. The measures for your ear unblocking measures include:

  • Softening ear wax by using an eyedropper to administer little drops of hydrogen peroxide, baby oil, or glycerin in your ear canal.
  • Use warm water after two days when the wax is completely softened. Insert a rubber-bulb syringe into your ear to squirt water. Tilt your head and pull your ear backwards to keep your ear canal straight. Tilt your head in a good position or on the side to allow the water to come out.
  • Finally, dry your ear canal with a towel.

With this simple procedure, you will have cleaned your ear effectively once you repeat the process two or three times. Although this home self-treatment may not clean the deep parts of your ears, it still stand s out to be a safer process than ear wax removal candles.

Even better, it is a process that is recommended by doctors, and it works in clearing blockages that are unrepeated.

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Mythbusters Regarding Ear Wax Candling Treatment

Mythbusters Regarding Ear Wax Candling Treatment

Ear candling, or ear coning as other people refer to it, is a type of treatment offered to help cure infections of the head, body and majorly used to treat ear infections and excess wax removal. In this article, we are going to dig deep into ear waxing removal.

Ear candling has been in practice since time immemorial. It dates back to many centuries ago from different cultures from different parts of the world to have been practising it. Historically, the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Columbian Americans practised ear candling. For these groups, they used it for physiological cleansing; nowadays, it is solely used for earwax removal.

In the present day, earwax candles are used more often than before. While scientists are trying to keep you away from using it, ear candles have a coned-hollow shape that is either made from mineral resources or natural products as those made by us at HollowCare. Here are some of the myths that science is portraying as facts.

Ear Candling Process


Myth 1: Ear candles create a vacuum in your ear.

When you light the candle over your ear, the relaxing feeling and warm air that flows downwards due to the convection currents; will make you feel a vacuum developed in your ear from the candle's base. From ancient times, this feeling was used as a therapeutic way to create a relaxing mood for those who were uneasy or had something disturbing their peace.

Myth 2: No earwax is removed from the ear

Since ear blockage may cause loss or partial hearing. The buildup of earwax is the leading cause of ear blockage. Earwax candles will create a heating effect that will melt and suck the ear's wax, therefore leaving an unclogged ear.

Myth 3: Ear candles cannot be used for massage

Well, the candles' soothing effect is what sometimes masseuses use to massage you after performing a massage. The ear candling process helps reduce headaches and will also cure infections of the ear and remove debris.

Since there might be many other myths out there concerning ear candling, it is all I need to keep you off from using ear candling. And turn to modern medicine. Even though modern medicine has fewer risks involved, we have certified products naturally made from us, HollowCare. Our candles, such as the beeswax ear candles will guarantee you a complete therapeutic feel when you use it to unclog your ears.

Facts about Ear candling

The feeling that you get when you light one of our candles for an ear candle treatment is not from a vacuum. When the beeswax ear candle is lit, it develops a vortex that is very different from a vacuum. A suction is created, which will suck up the molten earwax, therefore, unclogging the ear. 

While the main benefits are not scientifically proven, our main aim is to let you know the importance of ear candling. Furthermore, some producers go-ahead to market their earwax candles as cancer treatments, but take it from us, all that our beeswax candle do has been proven and certified by our incredible team of professionals. Read on and find out the significant benefits of ear candling.

  • Remove earwax and other debris that might be present in the ear blocking the ear
  • If you have ear infections, then ear coning is like an ear infection medicine
  • The massive buildup of ear wax is cleared therefore restoring your normal hearing
  • If you are experiencing colds or cases of flu, then you need to prepare for an ear candling therapy
  • The lymphatic circulation is improved from the soothing feeling that you experience from candling.
  • Severe headaches and migraines are relieved
  • As part of a therapy session, ear candling reduces the pain experienced on the jaws and temporomandibular pains
  • From ear coning, with a beeswax ear candle, you are more likely to be relieved of your stress and tension due to the pleasant aroma and slow-burning of the natural candle.

Benefits of Ear Candling


Our beeswax ear candle, when lit, it generates enough warmth that is capable of creating suction. The suction force is enough to pull out molten wax and other foreign materials from the ear canal. 

Even though people hate earwax, it has significant functions. The ear wax helps to protect the ear. It traps and prevents foreign debris from reaching the inner part of the ear. The wax also cleans the ear as it flows out; it carries the debris that had earlier been trapped. There are tiny hairs in the ear canal that also help trap dust and small particles, hence cleaning your ear. But too much earwax can prove costly to your day to day life activities. 

Less earwax can lead to more ear problems that can lead to ear infections. Also, excess earwax can cause a blocked ear canal, reducing your hearing capacity, or you can even experience ringing sounds in the ear.

Ear wax candles

Do you believe that ear wax candles are as effective as other scientifically proven methods? Well, try our natural candles from HollowCare, and the big difference works magic on you. Some candles are made with herbs and other natural products that play a big part in the healing of ear infections and unclogging your ears. The standard length of an ear candle is approximately 230mm in size. Simultaneously, you can even find longer ones from your local stores as they are portrayed to offer better ear waxing removal. In contrast, the longer candles have a high risk of pouring ash on to the user, which might lead to burns; therefore, you better stick to the typical length of candles.

If you are experiencing ear candling for the first time, you will realize that if your ears had a much-blocked sinus or more ear wax, you will note that the candle will burn slowly. And for those with less wax, it burns pretty fast. 

 First, let's look at the different types of ear candle treatment 

  • Newspaper Ear Candles

While in all the candling candles, this is the most dangerous ear wax removal candle but also the most affordable peace. A newspaper is rolled to form a hollow, then it is lit on the pointed tip, and the base is inserted in the ear. Usually, the part inserted in the ear is covered with a wet towel to prevent burns.

  • Soy Ear Candles

Naturally made from soybean plants, the soy wax is very soft; therefore, to make a candle, it has to be mixed with other rigid earwax to make it form a cone-hollow candle. Since the United States grows tons of soybeans, it is the readily available ear candling candle. Soy ear candles have a lower melting point; unlike other ear candling candles, it produces a slightly higher temperature at the ear and will cause burns in children more often.

  • Beeswax Ear Candles

Beeswax ear candles are the most preferred for ear candle treatment. At HollowCare, you are sure to have a variety of different packs of our beeswax ear candles that you can use for ear infection. This candle is rated as the best earwax candles wax removal. When burning, it emits next to nil harmful fumes, and it releases negative ions. Due to this, it creates a better healing atmosphere that suits you best. When it is burning, the beautiful aroma will want you not to lose your focus, and your practitioner will love performing more therapy on you. The candle is quite pricey, but it is the best of the best. It burns for 14 to 21 minutes for one stick, and you can purchase different packs of it from our store online.

Type of Ear Candles


Why use HollowCare candles?

It is crucial that you get the knowledge of the potential dangers of using ear candling to treat ear infections and for ear wax removal. Even though you might want to practice the procedure at home, it is essential that you get directives from a qualified practitioner or visit us at HollowCare for more directives.

At HollowCare, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products for ear waxing removal and other products for treating ear infections. Our main goal is to ensure a healthy and safe way of living for you. Therefore, if you are searching for ear coning candles, we have them at HollowCare, which is naturally made and the best for ear wax removal. 

From the directives and information provided, it is vital that you consider ear candling as a measure of bettering your health. All your ear problems, in addition to the wax, clogging and drying in your ears, debris blocking your ear canal, and other infections will be a thing of the past. Contact HollowCare and have the right personnel to guide you through our candling candles and answer all the possible queries that you have. You can also book an appointment with us and let our certified professional take you through the ear candle treatment.

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Benefits of Ear Candling

Benefits of Ear Candling

With most dealers adding toxins and other potentially harmful chemicals to their products, people need natural and herbal products that guarantee their bodies' safety. This is mainly to prevent invasive procedures and unnecessary treatments. 

Ear candling has been around for a while; since the ancient civilizations. Therefore, there is no secret that this non-invasive and herbal procedure is so popular these days. Considered adequate and safer than ear syringing, it, of course, has its lows, and some people don't prefer it. However, plenty of professionals, including HollowCare, offer the best treatment for your ears and wish you could contact them for the best products and ear treatment.

What Is Ear Candling? 

This non-invasive treatment features the use of long candles positioned into the ears. The side outside the ear is lit to create a hollow space inside the ear canal, which coats the entire ear in beeswax. In the process, extra ear wax and other impurities are drawn out as beeswax is emptied. 

While there is a common alternative to empty the wax, ear syringing involves shooting water into the ears, which is quite dangerous and requires a skilled professional. Most people love doing it on their own at home, which is risky to their eardrums. Therefore using this method would involve contacting a professional for safety reasons, and even then, it would still be quite harmful.

Also known as ear coning, ear candling involves using a hollow cone-shaped candle to drip the wax into the eardrum effectively. The emptied impurities and wax appear blackish on the candle.

Ear candling procedures can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, Native American, and Egyptian treatments. 

Now, you're in the know. So in this blog post, we want to discuss various benefits and health improvements of this procedure.


1.Wax Removal 

The main reason for using our ear candling kit is to help remove the wax that builds up in your ear, to keep your ear canal open and clean. Some ear-candling results include better hearing since there won't be wax preventing sound waves from reaching your eardrums. 

It's something that you can achieve through ear syringing. But as we mentioned above, shooting water into your ears can be detrimental to your eardrum. Not only will some water remain inside your eardrum, but also the risk of ear infections and impurities accumulating in your ear is enormous. 

You got to think about how it feels when water is retained inside your eardrums after swimming. It's quite annoying, but while it's easy to get rid of, the water shot into your eardrums might get deeper into your ear canal. That's where the problem begins.

Our natural ear candling kit is the most effective and safer way to empty the wax from your ears without water getting trapped inside your ears. Whether doing your ear candling at home or a clinic, bacteria won't build up in your ears. 

Since your ears are linked to your nose and mouth, the wax might affect the proper transmission of signals throughout the body. So through this wax removal, there will be nothing to affect your sense of taste. 

The removal of wax is not all, but along with the impurities removed by the beeswax ear candles, your ears will be toxins-free, enabling you to achieve mental and physical benefits.

2. Ringing in the Ears relief 

At some point, everyone experiences the Tinnitus effect, which is often a high-pitched buzz inside the ears. At times it just happens, but it can mostly be attributed to not cushioning your ears against loud sounds. Some of the most common causes of tinnitus include listening to loud music, driving past road works, medical conditions, and spending a lot of time in a club. 

Most times, the ear ringing disappears on its own, but when it's too much, you'll need to seek professional help. Now, this is where ear candling comes in handy. Since the procedure helps remove wax and other impurities, you can support your eardrums, enabling you to get rid of tinnitus symptoms.

Candling is also useful in relieving the eardrum's pressure, which often causes ringing in the ears.

It would be helpful to seek regular tinnitus treatment if the cause is prevailing medical conditions or work-related issues.

3. Reducing Sinus Pressure and Ear Aches 

As we said earlier, candling helps remove wax and other impurities such as bacteria and other viral infections. You can also use this treatment to reduce headaches, earaches, and other sinus issues.

Since the nose and ears are connected, the wax will help get rid of sinus pressure. Once the pressure is reduced, you'll start to experience less or no pain at all. Besides, destroying the bacteria will help you overpower any infections. 

It would be best to talk to your doctor if you have an existing ear infection for the best ear candling results. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of ear candling. However, the treatment does not kill all conditions, so it's wise to treat any inner ear infection to avoid suffering from the loss of hearing.

It's worth noting that it's possible to combine ear candling with other medical treatments. Ear candling will help you thwart symptoms such as itchy eyes, common when you have a sinus or viral infection. Moreover, it also relieves dietary and hay fever allergies. 

essential oil for ear infection


4. Getting Rid of Swimmer’s Ear 

Most often, water blocks your ear after swimming. While it's easy to remove the water that accumulates in your ears, there is no better way than using a herbal ear candling kit to get rid of this disgruntling issue. You should consider the ear candling procedure if you want to flush out the water out of the ears effectively. The treatment draws out the underlying pressure that pushed the water into your ears. 

Other than swimmingear syringing, medical problems, and playing with your ears in the bath can cause swimmer's ear. The procedure will provide instant relief from the pressure to get rid of headaches, echo sounds, and improper hearing due to eardrum water blockage.

5. Rebalancing your Mental State 

Many patients that have undergone the process say that earwax candles has helped them rebalance their mental states. According to some theories, wax helps to purify the blood, which dispels toxins that lead to medical issues and imbalanced mental conditions. Relieving pressure and locking your ears increases memory clarity and sharp mental alertness.

It's easy to maintain a balanced state of mind when you have clarity of thought. Besides, with a clear focus on the situation, you'll quickly find an effective way to handle symptoms of a cold, ailment, or wax build-up.

With a balanced emotional state, a patient will feel more calm and happy and know how to handle any given situation. They will focus more on their diet since one of the benefits of ear candling involves removing wax, which improves the sense of taste. 

Also, as your emotional state improves, your perception of vision and color will improve significantly.

6. Reduce pain throughout the body 

When impurities are removed and pressure within the ears is released, your nerve endings will significantly benefit. Unlike before, they won't be pressed on that much. There won't be chronic pain anymore. It happens when your head, ears, or neck are in pain. 

However, most patients reap real body benefits, mostly connected to mental and health benefits such as happy mood and less stress. As a result, there won't be inflammation that causes pain and other medical issues. 

Why this is for you?

While there are various alternatives to ear candling, some of them involve chemicals that might negatively affect your health. That's why HollowCare resorted to coming up with a natural and herbal solution like ear infection organic oil, ear candles, and ear candling towel, that keeps the costs to a minimum. 

It all depends on what you prefer. But we recommend our natural ear candling kits that promise a broader range of benefits with minimal risks. All your ear issues, including the wax build-up, water blockage, impurities such as bacteria, will be a thing of the past.

ear infection organic oil



It's essential to understand the risks before choosing to undergo the ear candling procedure for its full benefits. While you might decide to do ear candling at home, it's crucial to contact a certified professional to minimize any associated risks such as burns. So, if you're looking for where to buy your candles, HollowCare will help you handle the stress. No other place other than HollowCare provides the best natural and herbal ear candling treatments. 

From the benefits we've listed above, you should note that ear candling is a procedure necessary for your health. Contact HollowCare to get your queries on ear candling for sale answered and book an appointment with us for the best ear candling procedure.

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